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Alpharmco Ltd. lab specializes in microbiological analyses in the areas of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and natural health products.

Alpharmco Ltd. is licensed by Health Canada. The analyses are performed according to recognized methods such as the latest version of United States Pharmacopeia USP) in effect, Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) or any other method recognized supplied by our clients.


Total aerobic bacterial count

  • A count of the total aerobic bacteria present in the product to be analyzed.

Total Mould and Yeast count

  • A count of the total mould and yeast present in the product to be analyzed.

Qualitative and quantitative search of specific pathogens

  • Detection or count of specific microorganisms in the product to be analyzed.

Viable microorganism count

  • Viable microorganism count (probiotic) used as ative substance in a product

Antimicrobial effectiveness test (Challenge Test) «USP 51»

  • An analysis the consists in demonstrating the antimocrobial effectiveness of preservatives/conservation agents present in the product in order to prevent bacterial proliferation.

Product Validation (Preparatory test)

  • An analysis the consists in demonstrating the capacity of a test to detect microorganisms in the presence of the product to analyze . This analysis allows one to determine the optimal analysis conditions to detect the possible present of microorganisms in a product.

Culture medium validation

  • Culture medium verification analysis. These analyses are performed to verify various paramters (pH, Sterilitym effectiveness/Conformity, inhibition) before using various culture mediums

Microbiological verification of manufacturing water «USP 1231»

  • Listing of total aerobic bacteria present in the product to analyse

Microorganism Identification (Bacteria, Yeast, Mould)

  • Identification of microorgamisms using their physical and biochemical characteristics

Environmental Control

  • Analysis of environmental controls performed by client (swabs, petri dish exposure, sponges, etc)

Particular Projects

At the customers request, the laboratory is able to develop and perform many special projects in collaboration with the client

Pickup Service

The lab offers a personalized pickup service of samples in certain areas. (transportation fee may apply)

Analysis certificates

For each analysis performed, the laboratory issues a certificate of analysis approved by a microbiologist who is a member of the Quebec Association of Microbiologists of Quebec.

Each analysis certificate is issued quickly at the end of analysis and is send to the client by email of fax. Following which, the laboratory sends to the client the certificat signed by the microbiologist by mail.

It is possible to obtain partial certificate at all times during the analysis process

Personel Availability

At Alpharmco Ltd. you can count on the availablility of out personel to answer your needs and questions. Additionally, a number of microbiologists are on site to help and answer your questions.